Fee Packages for Individuals, Stores and SMEs

CHV Abogados has developed innovative Service packages tailored to the needs of individual companies and trades. In exchange for an affordable monthly fee, companies may rest reassured that our team of knowledgeable professionals, who are familiar with their businesses, will provide them with timely counsel on labor, civil and commercial law and step in whenever required.

CHV Abogados is actively involved with small and medium enterprises, to which it provides comprehensive legal counsel, representation and defense services in out-of-court, administrative and court proceedings.

These packaged fees offer companies the key tools they need to prevent contingencies at a cost that is below that required when dealing with each case individually, with the added advantage of bringing different areas under the umbrella of a single team.

Some Benefits of Packaged Fees:

  • Lower fees
  • Conflict prevention and risk reduction
  • Standardized team
  • Permanent assistance
  • Informe mensual del estado de los asuntos (judiciales y extrajudiciales)
  • Monthly report on court and out-of-court cases.

PRICE: There is a Basic Standard Fee, which is then modified in agreement with customer depending on the customer’s line of business, headcount and current or future litigation potential. To receive a cost estimate, please fill in the form or request it by –email to info@chvabogados.com.ar. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Package Fee 1:Labor Law Fee Plan

  • Ongoing counsel on labor law issues with free consulation option.
  • Design and implementation of customer´s labor policy.
  • Assistance in labor dispute conciliation proceedings.
  • Agreements before administrative authorities (Labor Ministry and/or SECLO Mandatory Labor Dispute Conciliation Service)

Package Fee 2: GCBA (Buenos Aires City Government) Fee Plan

  • Analysis and assessment of current permits held by or required by store owners for purposes of approval, reallocation of use, increased capacity, business expansion etc., to be obtained from the Municipality of Buenos Aires (Government Control Agency (AGC) and other agencies)
  • Managing permits and approvals for commercial facilities, with or without prior inspection, from the Buenos Aires City Government and the Government Control Agency.
  • Releasing closures
  • Resolving fines
  • Providing legal counsel on minor offense proceedings
  • Submissions to the General Monitoring and Control Office, Works Monitoring and Control Office and the General Office for Works and Cadaster (all of them in and for the City of Buenos Aires)
  • Conducting inspection drills to ensure premises comply with all requirements demanded during a municipal inspection
  • Self-protection system.

Package Fee 3 – General Plan – Full Legal+Commercial Counsel

  • Ongoing, comprehensive legal counsel (no limitation as to no. of hours)
  • Legal counsel in civil and/or commercial mediation proceedings
  • Defence in civil, labor and/or commercial lawsuits
  • Involvement in civil and/or commercial lawsuits as plaintiff
  • Execution of commercial instruments (checks, promissory notes, mutuum agreements, bills, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.)
  • Court and out-of-court claim recovery

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