Core Activities

Qualifications, Permits, Fines and Closures

Obtaining permits and approvals for commercial facilities, with or without prior inspection, from the Buenos Aires City Government and the Government Control Agency. Conducting transfers and legal formalities in relation to goodwill. Providing legal and technical advice. Managing drawings, closures, fines and penalties. Engaging in minor offence claims, as well as claims brought before the General Monitoring and Control Office, Works Monitoring and Control Office and the General Office for Works and Cadaster (all of them in and for the City of Buenos Aires).

Commercial Law –Collection Proceedings

Commercial contracts of all kinds (Trust Indentures, Leasing, Agency, Distribution, Concession, and Mutual Agreements; Urban and Rural Leasing Contracts, etc.) Consulting on different business activities.. M&As. Corporate Management, Argentine Corporation Control Authority and RPJPBA. Bookkeeping. Exchange and regulatory affairs related to the Argentine Central Bank. Cobranding through the management of court and out-of-court collection proceedings, FX and mortgage foreclosures.

We specialize in…

Labor Law

Individual and Group labor law, with a holistic, preventative and interdisciplinary approach. We assist our customers and act on their behalf in various court and out-of court claims and disputes, as well as before Internal Committees, the Policía del Trabajo de la Nación (National and Buenos Aires City Labor Police Office), Sections and Unions in the capacity of Labor Relations Staff.


Bankruptcy Law

Our tasks consist in developing a bankruptcy strategy; filling for and opening bankruptcy proceedings and obtaining majorities; and instituting contract review, approval and enforcement proceedings. We have successfully completed several approved bankruptcy proceedings in areas including agriculture, advertising, individuals, construction, hotel business, printing and apparel.


Liquidation of Matrimonial Property – Alimony – Visiting Regime – Foreign Travel

We conduct court and out-of court proceedings for the liquidation of matrimonial property. We have vast expertise in cases involving industries and/or family businesses that are going concerns, while concurrently preserving family relations and ties, especially seeing to the protection of young children and teenagers, as provided by the current Argentine Civil and Commercial Code.


Real Property Law, Engineering and Construction

Rural and Urban Property Developments. Negotiation. Execution in tender processes and calls for bids. Developing projects throughout the various stages of construction contracts and Works varying in size and type. Experience in EPC contracts, start-ups, plant shut-down, and supplementary agreements in the oil & gas business.

Litigation & Arbitration

Through our correspondent offices outside the City of Buenos Aires and in the Province of Buenos Aires, we become involved in all kinds of lawsuits in the various venues and jurisdictions in Argentina. We act as legal counsel and become involved before the Permanent Court in and for the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA, as per its Spanish acronym) in legal arbitration and arbitration by amicable compounders under ICC or BCBA Regulations.

Our Style… Law 360

Customer-centric Legal Counsel

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